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Helpful and Inspiring

Elizabeth is an awesome teacher trainer and resource. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her and recommend her to others. Her knowledge of the Music Mind Games materials and ability to creatively adapt them to any situation is not only helpful, but inspiring!

–Charlotte Howenstein, Teacher

Exceeded Expectations

Starting with the Suzuki by-ear training to reading complicated musical scores, my daughter has reached a point in which the violin has become a lasting part of her life. Mrs. Cunha’s expert combination of high standards, talent, encouragement, patience, and ability to relate in a positive, supportive and caring manner, has enabled my daughter to develop skills that exceeded our expectations – and her’s as well. Her creative musical guidance, shown by finding different ways to teach and rehearse different playing techniques, has proven to be highly effective.

–M. Baker, Parent


Elizabeth addresses classroom management issues so children can become totally absorbed that they don’t have time to be distracted.

–C. Dyslin, Teacher


My daughter has taken violin lessons from Elizabeth since she was 4 years old. In that time, she has has been introduced into the beauty and magic of the arts… She understands that hard work and practice yield results. Under the tutelage of Elizabeth, my daughter is growing into a confident and accomplished child… In music and in life. She is learning and developing who she is… and that is priceless to see.

–A. Gunraj, Parent

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