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Music Matrix Ed. engages the imagination and sparks curiosity about connecting music theory with music making. The experience is a blend of highlights from different pedagogy, for the purpose of teaching and developing a well rounded, joyful & creative musician.

Music Matrix activities draw from Suzuki, Music Mind Games, Orff Schulwerk, World Music Drumming, Dalcroze, and Music Technology, to offer new and adapted activities for learning to read music through the lens of a string player.

Since the beginning of time, children have not liked to study. They would much rather play, and if you have their interests at heart, you will let them learn while they play; they will find that what they have mastered is child’s play.

Carl Orff

Elizabeth Cunha, was a Suzuki kid and greatly influenced by the community and philosophy. Her childhood studio offered Dalcroze classes along with the Suzuki program. Elizabeth appreciates and recognizes that the blending of these methods in her early years, movement through Dalcroze and ear training with Suzuki, are at the core of her musicianship. As an adult, Elizabeth discovered Music Mind Games, which revolutionized how theory concepts can be taught. The connection and inspiration was strong, and studying, teaching, and developing MMG became a priority for over 10 years. Elizabeth was among the first group of teachers certified by creator Michiko Yurko, to lead Unit 1 workshops in 2010 and in Unit 2 workshops in 2015. Music Matrix is the result of Elizabeth’s passion to integrate MMG, Orff Schulwerk, Suzuki & World Music Drumming together in the General Music classroom and in studio group classes. She continues to draw from these experiences, and seek out training in order to present a unique blend to her own students.