Interval Snake Escape 

Goal: To identify intervals and understand how they move through the musical alphabet.

Prior Knowledge

* Students know the musical alphabet in seconds forwards and backwards

* Students can identify steps and skips 

* Students can define interval as the distance between two pitches. 


* Music Alphabet Cards 

* Dice

  Traditional dice work well but large foam dice are also a lot of fun, as shown in the video. 

  These can be found at the store "5 Below" or on

* Game players (small toys, boardgame pieces, small leggo's,)


* Set up a music alphabet snake in 2nds (ABCDEFGABCDEFG....) with one card face down at the end. This card is the goal. 

* Explain to students that in music where you are is always "1".  Deomostrate to students rolling different intervals and count where you are as one. 

* After students understand the above concept and have played the game successfully, you can introduce shorter ways to count different intervals:

  2nd=step, 3rd = skip

  All intervals are combinations of steps and skips

 4th=skip+step, 5th=two skips, 6th=two skips+step, 7th=3 skips, 8va=3 skips+step

 All even intervals have a step, all odd numbers are even numbers of skips

Play By Play

* All players start on the first letter

* A palyer rolls the die and moves that interval up the alphabet snake. Students should narrate as they move "2nd 1-2 BC"

* If a player rolls a 1 they remain in the same spot. 

* If a player lands on another students spot, they must skip back a 3rd. 

* To win and escape the snake a player MUST roll the exact interval to land on the last card. If they cannot go the full interval they move backwards.

* Once a player escapes the snake, the game can end or everyone can keep playing until they all escape. 

Sound Connection

* Students notate the intervals they roll on staff paper, white board, or staff slates with magic notes. Each player notates the letters they land on througout the game. After the game is over students can play through their pitches, add rhythms and arrange it into a composition.