This game connects fingerbaord geographystring alphabet and string staff notation.

Teachers may focus on 2 strings at a time (A Major, D Major or G Major Scale) or the complete fingerboard in first position with or without 4th fingers. The goal is to mark a complete string or a complete row of the same finger (open 1, 2, 3 or 4) for a String Bingo. The game may end with one bingo or continue until many bingos have been achieved. The teacher can incorporate sharps as they choose.

Finger Bingo Board

Flat Fingerboard

Prior Knowledge

*  Basic instrument parts

*  Music alphabet 

* First position staff notation of all the notes in first position or isolated A Major, D Major or G Major scale notes 


* Music Alphabet cards, 4 sets per player (Music Mind Games, handmade or other)

* Magic Note bingo chips

* finngerboard nut with Music Mind Games puzzle note stems, popscicle sticks, or pencils

* 2 Sets of Staff Note Cards (Music Mind Games Grand Steff Cards or other flashcards with staff notation)


* Students find the open string letters, each a different color and lay them out left to right low to high

* Use your fingerboard prop to lay underneath the open strings

* Lay out the string alphabet for the fingered notes (1-3)

* Firs Position Fingerboard: Remove any staff notes out of first position on the E string 

  A and E strings: Remove any notes from the D and G strings

  D and G strings: Remove any notes from the A and E strings from the deck

* Shuffle up the two sets of staff cards and place between players

* Place the magic notes in between players

Play By Play

* The goal is to mark either any complete string alphabet (Ex: G string, G A B C) or any complete row of 1 finger (1st finger A E B F)

* Player 1 draws a staff card and marks that letter on the flat fingerboard. Player keeps that staff card in a pile

* Continue play until someone gets a bingo

* If a student draws a staff card that they have already marked (there are 2 of each) simply place in a discard pile. The other player may draw a new card or from the discard pile

* When a player calls bingo they must prove it with their staff cards

* The game may end at 1 bingo or continue until all the cards have been used and a few bingos have been reached

Sound Connection

* Use instruments to play back some bingos (any finger across all the strings or  any 1 complete string)

* Students can listen to the teacher play any bingo row or string, and follow with their fingers and eyes

* Students can say/sing the letters as they finger on invisible instruments


Finger Bingo Board