This is a variation of a Music Mind Games game. Students gain experience with fingerboard geography from the players perspective. Students discover how the alphabet moves forward from the nut, and continues after the 3rd finger with the next open string. 

Flat Fingerboard Fine

Prior Knowledge

  • Music Alphabet in 2nds
  • How the alphabet moves forward from the nut (A B C D….)
  • Basic instrument parts (nut, string, fingerboard)
  • Basic idea of 1st 2nd and 3rd fingers in the left hand


  • Music Alphabet cards (Music Mind Games or hand made)
  • Something to represent the nut (Music Mind Games puzzle stems, pencils or popsicle sticks)
  • 3 markers for 2st second and 3rd fingers (bingo chips, or even dice to label 1-3)


  • Each child gets 4 sets of alphabet cards, each a different color
  • Place the open string letters above the nut, each a different color and put any extra cards face down in a pile out of the way
  • Working one string at a time place the letters on each string coming from the nut
  • Once you have 4 strings (1st through 3rd fingers) each a different color you are ready to begin

Play By Play

  • Leaving the open string letters above the nut, shuffle the fingerboard letters (1st-3rd finger letters) and when the leader says go put them back in order. It’s recommended to do one string at a time.
  • When the players are done they say “fingerboard fine!”

Sound Connection

* Students can pick up instruments and finger/say/sing/pizz each string one at a time, all strings low to high, or in scale patterns

* Teacher can play up and down single strings, in scale patterns, or all strings low to high-high to low while students practice saying/singing/thinking the string alphabet forwards and backwards (D E F# G G F# E D). Students can follow allong with their fingers pointing to each letter, or use a small toy to track the letters on the flat fingerboard.