goldcoinAt the end of a semester, I always like to do a little something special for students, and acknowledge our time together. Sometimes, we have a blue jello party (look for another blog post on that), sometimes we’ll play our favorite games, but a simple and inexpensive idea is to give Gold Coins as gifts! 

Each Gold Coin has the major section of Daily Do on one side and quarter note values on the other. They are shiny and fit perfectly into instrument cases.

These gifts are a token of our special time together. I have also seen them made into necklaces and keychains as well, using a safe tool to punch holes in them.

I tell students that this gold coin is to remind them to practice what we’ve learned together. In later sessions and around the holidays I’ve also been known to give out Chocolate gold coins! Yum! You can find them at party stores or on amazon. Chocolate Gold Coins

Do you have Music Mind Games Traditions you have started your students?

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